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3D Printed Fan Holder for the Fursuit Hand Dryer


I couldn't find the fans of my Ultra Cheap Fursuit Hand Dryer last night and Anthrocon is next week. I now own a 3D printer, and with such a printer the answer to all questions seems to be PLA, so I quickly created a new holder. The most time consuming task is soldering the electrical connections by the way. The printer just happily prints while I'm doing other things.

New Holder

The holder is intended to be a tight fit - hence no holes to fasten the fan. You may need to file the sockets for the tube and the fan to fit your equipment, especially the outer dimensions of the fan vary from model to model. Since the fans I took from my "oh I can use that again" box are 15 mm high the holder will accept these. Unfortunately, the fans are very loud at 12V and don't always start at 5V, so I ordered new ones — they won't arrive before Anthrocon, though.

Assembled paw dryers

The gutter drain pipe sieves are for operation as fursuit shoe dryers, by the way, for gloves I'm using cheap egg beaters.

I've put up the STL and 3D construction file for FreeCAD on Thingiverse.


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