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I do WHAT?

I work out. I can't believe it either, and you may think this is midlife crisis, but it isn't. Not even the surprising fact I'm squeezing myself into ridiculous tight lycra clothes is — quite frankly, it's a bit embarrassing for a man at my age to do so. Look, I can even explain everything in a completely logical way.

Vacation Photos!

I'm notoriously slow editing my photos, but I've finally put up those of our RV trip through Texas and New Mexico earlier this year. I've probably overdone it with the images from the Carlsbad Caverns, but that is a truely spectacular place.


So I'm moving my blog, but where to?

There are several hosting offers out there, for example:

Leaving LiveJournal — not yet

But I've decided to let my paid account expire next year and move to a self hosted solution. There are several reasons, one is that I'm generally unhappy with how LJ develops:

Back home from an awesome vacation

Not exactly news to those who follow me on Twitter, but we've been traveling Texas and a small part of New Mexico (as it was on the way) in an RV, thus it is time to update The Map™: