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A Lightweight Fursuit Body Dryer


Sure, I just could buy a wetsuit dryer, but where's the fun in that? Also, I wanted something that is lightweight and somewhat flexible. Thus, after a run to the hardware store and a lot of clipping and fastening zip ties:

fursuit body dryer

The mesh is a leaf sieve for roof gutters, the same material Tioh is using for puppet and fursuit heads when 3D printing isn't an option. It is surprsingly expensive, but very sturdy and easy to work with. Also, it is already bent, which is an advantage for this project. Also needed are lots of zip ties and a  100×100 mm 12 V fan, optionally some velcro pads and a water repellent cloth, an S hook and a door hanger.

Building is easy, cut off a rectangulare piece of mesh to hold the fan and two long pieces for the arms. Make the arms as long as possible but take care that the total length of the dryer is smaller than your fursuit box and luggage. Here's how I fastend the fan:

Fan fastened

The fan doesn't have holes to fasten it on the other side, thus just clamp it:

Clamping the fan

Attach the arms at an angle

Arms attached

A zip tie at the end of each arm keeps it rolled up, also note that the arms are a bit slimmer at the end

Arm detail

One of my suits has a rather low cut neck, a detachable piece of water repellent cloth avoids the air going out

Piece of cloth

The fan will run fine on 5V, but with a step-up ("boost") converter to 12V it produces enough air flow to quickly dry a suit with one battery charge. My two suits were each dry before a suit on a wetsuit dryer in the same room.




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