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Euro plug receptacle to "figure-eight" coupler adapter

During my journeys I noticed that "wall wart" power supplies and travel adapters don't go very well together, especially when the wall socket is a worn out NEMA 5 one. The power supply tends to fall off very easily and wears off the wall socket even more. That is not so much of a problem with adapters for BS 1363 (UK) sockets, but often there is not enough space between the socket and a nightstand for the cascade of adapter and wall-wart. But as I always carry a bunch of C7 (figure-8) cords for the respective country, a C8 connector to euro plug receptacle adapter cable would be helpful (and lighter and smaller than most travel adapters.) Unfortunately, only the opposite seems to exist: I found plenty of euro to C7 plug adapters. So I had to build my own. I bought a euro socket  and a C7/C8 extension cord. From the extension cord, I cut off 30 cm of cable on the C8 side (the one with the pins), mounted the euro socket on the open end of the cable, and there we have our pigtail adapter:

The 10 Euro Fursuit Head Dryer

Admittedly, a dryer for the head mask is more work, but still can be very cheap. One important aspect: it has to be lightweight but must be able to carry a fursuit head without tipping. So, another boring Sunday afternoon project was born. Version 1 looked like this:

Ultra Cheap Fursuit Hand Dryers

Sometimes I enjoy building minimalistic but practical things. Like these fursuit hand dryers

No fun with OpenLayers

MapQuest removed free access to their tile servers with one month of advance warning — and no, requiring an API key is not free access, especially not with an imposed usage limit.

More fun with OpenLayers 3: U.S. National Parks

I've made a new interactive map while I was playing with the GIS stuff again. This time to visualize the U.S. National Parks, National Monuments, National Recreational Areas, and National Seashores / Lake Shores I've visited over the last eleven years.


So I'm moving my blog, but where to?

There are several hosting offers out there, for example: