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There are more Unixes than Ubuntu

No rant about MacOS today, but a rant about software authors who apparently know nothing else than their favourite Linux distribution. I'm trying to get Mapnik to work. They claim that it now works on MacOS. On 10.5, perhaps. On 10.4 you'll need a newer Python version. Not at least 2.4, but exactly 2.4. However, both Boost and Mapnik link against the system python version 2.3 and install in the directories of version 2.4.

MacOS X is so much better than, say, Linux, right?

Apparently their scheduler isn't. I had an I/O and CPU intensive job running over night on the PowerBook. The system did not run out of memory. But it swapped out sshd, which resulted in the active SSH clients to time out with server does not respond. Which subsequently killed the running job. After six hours.

Two days...

...until the start of one week of Christmas vacation. And our customers are opening calls like crazy with the most peculiar questions.

Pictures from Les Mondes Hors-Pistes Festival

Got them up in my gallery:

Can someone buy me a cleanroom, please?

After one hour, 38 Q-tips, several test photos and lots of swearing I finally got rid of the newly accumulated sensor dust.

Le grand bleu renard allé magasiner¹

A big blue fox with his prey:

Back from Paris

Very nice about last weekend: everything! The food! OMG, the food! It was so fantastic! Paris: great atmosphere, a very unique place. The festival: excellent! We had a lot of fun, and so had all the other exhibitors. Met quite some cool people there. And everything was perfectly organized. Also very nice: the large mall near Euro Disney. It puts any American (let alone German) mall to shame. The comic book store was extremely nice, though I didn't buy anything: I would not have been able to stop spending money once I started. And I don't have space for figurines anyway. Oh, and did I mention the food?

Tracks Festival, Day 3

Yesterday was the final day of the Tracks festival. We had our presentation on stage (Timduru doing Stepmania, presentation of fursuits, a photoshooting with visitors), which was well received, especially the photoshooting. The place was even more crowded than Saturday. I heard the number of 3700 visitors in total, but I'm a bit sceptic about that. Maybe they also counted the visitors of the Saturday night concert.