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Ultra Cheap Fursuit Hand Dryers

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Sometimes I enjoy building minimalistic but practical things. Like these fursuit hand dryers

Paw Dryers

Bill of materials:

  • two short pieces of 500 mm HT DN40 (NPS1.5) sewer pipes, or one 1m piece that's been cut in half, if cheaper
  • two 40 mm 12 V high volume fans that will still run on 5 V (usually found in 1 HU power supplies)
  • an old USB cable to provide power to the fans
  • 8 long 4 mm screws (imperial: #8, maybe #9, but see below)
  • rubberbands
  • two egg beaters from a 99¢ store
  • optional: battery clip adaptor, battery holder


  • Cut off the connector(s) of the pipes
  • The long screws are used to to clamp the fans to the pipes
  • The egg beaters are helping with the air distribution
  • Zipties instead of rubberbands seem to work better


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