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Updated Map

Look, it's a shiny new map! And even with two more US states I've visited:

Vacation Photos

Remember my vacation reports from January? Well, I've got the photographs cleaned-up ( sensor dust!), cropped, scaled and uploaded at last.

Remains of Further Confusion and back home.

What else happened on FC? I watched the Critterlympics (or, Fursuit Destruction Derby, as I like to call it), attended the fursuit head construction SIG, watched the masquerade, missed the Sub-Level 03 concert due to exhaustion, bought some more t-shirts, got two pictures by tanidareal from the art show, watched the fursuit parade, bought a book and two magnets, went to FNL, and finally drank a cocktail and a glass of wine at the bar with Tani, bigbluefox, Jaryic, lynard_, Kayjay and Kacy and her gang.

Waiting for the flight... 2h delayed.

You won't believe where we found free WLAN (and where I type this) at San Francisco Int'l Airport...

San Francisco and a bit of Further Confusion

I'm late again with the journal, but this time due to too much to do than the (not perfect, but usable) Internet connectivity here at the convention hotel.

The rest of the RV trip...

Thanks to extremely unstable WLAN connectivity on the previous campgrounds (why on earth do they offer it if it doesn't work properly?) I wasn't able to update my LJ earlier. Here's what happened the last couple of days:

San Diego

Yesterday, we drove from Morro Bay to San Diego, with a stop at San Luis Obispo. The small city turned out to be very scenic, with a small river running through old town, a nice old mission building and some interesting sculptures spread over the location. We had a second rest at a Fry's near LA and arrived at 8 PM at Campland on the Bay RV park (BTW, their mascot is a wolf!) lynard_ and I went directly to the excellent pool area, relaxing in the jaccuzi. Later, we joined the Jägermeister crew at the BBQ and sat down at the campfire until late at night. Today, we continue to relax here and will drive to Santa Clarita later.

California Highway One

After being picked up by Zlatko of El Monte at the Hotel (at 7 AM), we got our RVs, our team the CS30 (30 ft long with slideout, 8 tons of weight, based on a Ford pickup truck.) Afterwards, we went to Safeway to buy groceries and stuff (total amount: $ 417), to In-and-Out burger to eat an excellent burger and to Home Depot to get Maglight flashlights and duct tape. Finally, we took off to CA 1 via Santa Cruz and observed an extremely scenic sunset at the Pacific Ocean. Right now, we are on a campground at Morro Bay, making coffee and writing LJ entries... ;-)