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How to not implement GPS tracking

Google has a small tool for GPS tracking on Android phones. It shows you some stats of your hike and records a GPS track of it. Unfortunately, what it writes to the SD card (basically) is this:

Comparing GPS receivers, part 2

During the RV trip this year I found out that while the Navilock 320U gives excellent results, the lack of any logging features requires to have the laptop running all the time. As my mother likes studying maps, I strapped the PowerBook to the folding table of the third passenger seat and had gpsdrive running on it. But this only works if you have enough space in the car. Also, the plug of the power converter fell out of the socket at Grand Canyon without us noticing. This resulted in a gap of 80 miles in the recording after the battery ran out.

Geotagging Issues

The bad: discovering after months that the clock of the camera was set to CEST instead of UTC
The good: exiftool and some few lines of perl to the rescue!