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Almost Like a Divorce


After being a loyal reader more than 20 years I finally canceled my subscription of the renowned weekly newspaper Die Zeit today. It's not that it has so much changed from the times Gerd Bucerius and Marion Dönhoff were in charge, or lacking distinguished authors nowadays. Granted, it is quite expensive just for the three or four articles per issue that I actually read, and only one that is really interesting to me. Sure, some authors are really annoying, but that's the whole point of this publication: start public debates. Yes, my generation is writing there now, but I know how we, as a generation, think. There is not much to learn for me. A lot of topics are repeating themselves over the years. But that's still not the reason.

I simply don't have the time anymore. I worked myself through seven old issues last week, not being able to remember what I just read. Reading it that way is a waste of time and somewhat disrespectful to the authors.

And with all breakups, I too will try to stay friends with her. Occasionally buying an issue, probably keeping the RSS feed. Even though it suffers the fate of the paper issue, just to a worse degree.


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