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Not Only A Travel Report: US Vacation 1976

I've been traveling the United States for many years, but where does my fascination with that country come from? There are, of course many aspects. America has a great cultural influence on Germany. American TV shows, movies and music are ubiquitous here, though they are giving a skewed picture of the country. History is also a reason. America had a strong military and political presence in Germany after the second world war. The existence of West Germany pretty much depended on America's protection — a protection that was based on more than just their own political and economic interests. The appreciation for Germany, in a cultural, not political way, goes way back into American history. Like those from other countries such as Ireland or Italy, German immigrants to America never lost the connection to their families back in Europe. Some German immigrants even had an important role in America becoming a „real“ country, but are virtually unknown in Germany. I'll briefly get back to that aspect later.

I do WHAT?

I work out. I can't believe it either, and you may think this is midlife crisis, but it isn't. Not even the surprising fact I'm squeezing myself into ridiculous tight lycra clothes is — quite frankly, it's a bit embarrassing for a man at my age to do so. Look, I can even explain everything in a completely logical way.