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I do WHAT?


I work out. I can't believe it either, and you may think this is midlife crisis, but it isn't. Not even the surprising fact I'm squeezing myself into ridiculous tight lycra clothes is — quite frankly, it's a bit embarrassing for a man at my age to do so. Look, I can even explain everything in a completely logical way.

I started with basic crunches, because eating less doesn't keep my weight in check. And vice versa, just burning some calories without changing eating habits won't, either. That works quite well and admittedly it's quite nice to look at my abs in the mirror, but more importantly it also strengthens the lower back muscles. It'll hopefully avoid a herniated disc for a couple of more years.

Earlier this year we were rehearsing for the Eurofurence pawpet show. The puppets are between 90 cm and 1m tall and weigh between 1 kg and 2 kg. That doesn't seem heavy, but holding them up for several minutes in a crouched position is somewhat strenuous to begin with. But it shouldn't have been that difficult, so I bought some sports dumbbells and started training. The recognizable progress in a rather short time is simply amazing, so I continued training. I have to be careful, though, because everything training the triceps risks elbow damage for me. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid it is to build up more muscle. By the way, I'm now able to hold up the puppets for much longer.

I've been cycling to work and back every day for many years now, but I just wasn't motivated for longer tours. Which is a pity, as the surroundings of Nuremberg are really nice. I finally started exploring it, and it is a lot of fun to do, except maybe for lack of trail signage and some deliberate demotivators by street planers. Cyclists are apparently hated in some areas here. But that doesn't stop me. I've even bought some suitable clothing, so my pants will last longer. Surprisingly, as ridiculous I may look in it, it's temperature regulation capabilities definitely doubles the fun.

And finally... After 20 years I started running again. Granted, I occasionally felt the urge earlier, but now it got unbearably strong. So I bought some new running shoes, pants and jerseys and started running. Of course, with the first run last week I overdid it and strained the fibular collateral ligaments of my knees. How to avoid this? Online research says "build up muscle." Well... Fortunately, the pain quickly went away, and I don't have any issues after tonights (slightly) shorter run. Oh, and why didn't I buy those tight pants and jerseys earlier, running in them is really enjoyable, I quickly forget I'm wearing anything at all.

Will I keep it up? I don't know. As long as it remains being so much fun, for sure. Another thing for sure: you won't see me in a gym. I hate those places.


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