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The 10 Euro Fursuit Head Dryer

Admittedly, a dryer for the head mask is more work, but still can be very cheap. One important aspect: it has to be lightweight but must be able to carry a fursuit head without tipping. So, another boring Sunday afternoon project was born. Version 1 looked like this:

Ultra Cheap Fursuit Hand Dryers

Sometimes I enjoy building minimalistic but practical things. Like these fursuit hand dryers

No fun with OpenLayers

MapQuest removed free access to their tile servers with one month of advance warning — and no, requiring an API key is not free access, especially not with an imposed usage limit.

More fun with OpenLayers 3: U.S. National Parks

I've made a new interactive map while I was playing with the GIS stuff again. This time to visualize the U.S. National Parks, National Monuments, National Recreational Areas, and National Seashores / Lake Shores I've visited over the last eleven years.


So I'm moving my blog, but where to?

There are several hosting offers out there, for example: