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3D Printed Fan Holder for the Fursuit Hand Dryer

I couldn't find the fans of my Ultra Cheap Fursuit Hand Dryer last night and Anthrocon is next week. I now own a 3D printer, and with such a printer the answer to all questions seems to be PLA, so I quickly created a new holder. The most time consuming task is soldering the electrical connections by the way. The printer just happily prints while I'm doing other things.

A Lightweight Fursuit Body Dryer

Sure, I just could buy a wetsuit dryer, but where's the fun in that? Also, I wanted something that is lightweight and somewhat flexible. Thus, after a run to the hardware store and a lot of clipping and fastening zip ties:

The 10 Euro Fursuit Head Dryer

Admittedly, a dryer for the head mask is more work, but still can be very cheap. One important aspect: it has to be lightweight but must be able to carry a fursuit head without tipping. So, another boring Sunday afternoon project was born. Version 1 looked like this:

Ultra Cheap Fursuit Hand Dryers

Sometimes I enjoy building minimalistic but practical things. Like these fursuit hand dryers