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Anthrocon Overflow Hotels


With the growing amount of hotels available for Anthrocon guests it gets more difficult to keep track where exactly each hotel is located. Even for me, who's been attending Anthrocon for several years now. Thus, I've sat down and made an interactive map. Okay, to be honest, I wanted to do that for Eurofurence anyway, and it's fun to play with Openlayers 3... Please verify the phone numbers and street addresses in the popups (and send me corrections), as I might have missed some errors while cut and pasting the information at 1 am...

What's missing is the information which hotels are serviced by the Anthrocon hotel shuttle. Because 1 am...

Some hotels seem to be far away, but in fact they aren't - Downtown Pittsburgh is surprisingly small and (by European standards) even the Wyndham is in walking distance.


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