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California Vacation 2011 - Day 7: Carrizo Plain National Monument


Carrizo Plain National Monument had been on our list for a couple of years, but we always had to skip it due to weather or time constraints. Not this time. Against the recommendation of the GPS navigation we took the south entrance. The unpaved stretches of the road were in fact in a better state than most city streets in San Diego. The vegetation is unique, the park is heaven for bird watchers. Located exactly on the San Andreas fault, there is also a bit of an uneasy feeling involved. Located in the north of the park, Soda Lake is a good point for watching shorebirds. If you visit at the correct time of year, unlike us.

Well, so we only were able to see a few herons and plovers that can be watched all year.

We skipped CA-1 as there is no point in driving through Big Sur in the dark, and proceeded directly to San Jose, heading for Further Confusion.


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