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Herbstcon was a blast! After arriving in a rather pissed-off mood (my navigation system losing orientation in Aschaffenburg was one of the more entertaining experiences) I got into party spirit quite quickly. This furmeet sure has the right amount and mix of people. Not only that, the food was excellent, thanks to kralle_lion, nachtfuchs, Jaryic, tanidareal, AmurUssuri and the rest of the breakfast crew -- and Vicious Vampire. Somehow my trousers didn't fit anymore on Sunday...

Apart from food and wine, relaxed chatting with friends, the bonfire, hand-made music by Eisfuchs, fairlight_ and Jaryic and successful route planning for the roadtrip made my weekend. Many thanks to somewolf, kovu and Kayjay for organizing this excellent furmeet!


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