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The machine running crashed twice within the last two months, so I decided to do some maintenance work. At the data center which is housing the system I discovered that my suspicions were right: Indeed, the CPU fan didn't move, and the power supply fans were stuck as well. Hence, I decided to take the machine home and fix it. First problem: I could not get the heat sink from the CPU (which I had to remove to get the fan off the heat sink),instead the CPU came out of its socket. Luckily, a colleague showed me how to get it off: take the blade of a box cutter, place it on the gap between the heat spreader and the heat sink and hit the blade carefully with a hammer. (Naturally, this will only work with chips that have a metal heat spreader plate. Try at your own risk.)

While the local computer store had a fitting CPU fan, it doesn't have the 40mm fans for the power supply and the case. Thus, I ordered ten fans from Reichelt, which arrived surprisingly fast, and replaced all fans last night. It took me four hours of soldering cables, as the connectors in the case are non-standard...

Finally, I was able to bring the machine back to the data center this morning, together with an upgrade to openSUSE 10.2 and additional 512 MB RAM. So far no additional issues, and I sure hope it stays this way.


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