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20,8 GB later...


F8K TV was a blast! I'd really like to write something about it; for example that it was the party of the year, or that it was done in an amazingly professional way, or about all the technical stuff, or the wonder ful impromptu pawpet performances (thanks fairlight_, lynard_, aragontigerseye and the band -- I knew you could do it, and I was right!), nachtfuchs and Jaryic being so wonderful hosts, cheetah_spotty as a director and producer, Eisfuchs and akeela as presenters, rollenspiele and sandwiches, Jumpy ordering pizza for the whole gang, decorating a christmas tree, 100m CAT3 cable, cocktails, balloons, how to overrun a DSL concentrator, the band, breakfast at Kralle's place, defective VCRs, bigbluefox's on air design, some strange American caller "Fluffyfox" who tried to order pizza (whoever that was *g*), ...

But that would be far too long and I really don't know where to start.

However, one thing is true: it will take a long time until I can enjoy watching regular TV again. This weekend truely set new standards on what's possible if the right people come together.


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