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Last week...


...was sort of busy.

Sorry if I was a bit grumpy at the regular's table on Monday -- I was tired and not really able to follow what was going on after a while.

On Tuesday we had the christmas party for our department. The location was nice, and so was the food and the beer. Not so nice was the natural horn group practicing in the other room, and outright rude was the innkeeper who threw us out at exactly 11 pm. Not because we were particulary obnoxious or didn't drink enough, no, just because he wanted to call it a day... (Our parties ususally end much later... in the morning.)

The next christmas party followed on Thursday, this time for the whole company. The location was the former mach>1 discotheque, with the ambience of a parking house basement. Oh wait, it is a parking house basement... Anyway, the food was plenty and excellent. The DJ wasn't, and we ran out of acceptable beer at half past two in the morning... But all in all it was a splendid party. Oh, and I won another T-shirt.

Finally, I spent the weekend practicing Java programming and made myself familiar with jdom and some JSTL stuff... I need these programming sessions from time to time as a break from my daily tech support duties.


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