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Back from Eurofurence

Best party ever. We drank up the hotel bar. Twice. We ate up the steak house. Completely. Not a single piece of meat left. Lots of work, excellent atmosphere, great hotel, superb hotel staff. Loved the Fauna Project concert, loved the Alec concert, the pawpet show was a roaring success, great press coverage, cool dead dog party. More later, need some sleep.

What a weekend!

Last weekend I've been to tanidareal's excellent birthday party. It felt like a whole week of vacation. Many thanks to Tani for the invitation! And of course, I'd also like to thank kralle_lion for crash space and breakfast as well as Eisfuchs and FinFarenath for keeping me awake on the trip back. I hope I didn't bore you folks too much with my constant drivel... ;-)

Herbstcon, Spring Edition :-)

After calling in jet-lagged ;-) for Friday I slept until 3 pm, packed my stuff, researched the route and drove to Herbstcon Spring Edition (subtitle: "A joke becoming real") at a boy scout club house near Fulda. With 15 attendees it was a refreshingly small and cosy furmeet with lots of excellent food -- thank you, Fairlight and lynard_ for cooking! And of course many thanks to somewolf and kovu for organizing this very relaxing weekend. If possible, I'll be back next year!

Last week...

...was sort of busy.

Back from camping

This weekend I was attending Furcamp 2, which is a small meeting of furries (mainly) from the Franconian and Hessian regions near Coburg organized by eosfoxx and manares.

Bardentreffen 2005

I guess it is becoming something like a tradition: Every year, when the Bardentreffen in Nürnberg takes place I invite a couple of friends to come over and visit this amazing free open-air festival with me. This year, doco, Kayjay, lynard_ stayed at my apartment for some nights, with Ailurus, Malcom, sibserag, thecrow_ and Edelweiß joining us at the festival.

Eurofurence 11 con report

Okay, I'll finally give it a try.

We're all gonna die!

Eurofurence is getting closer and I still have plenty of things to do... Yesterday I bought, um, some stuff for the pawpet show. And, completely unrelated, I found a pair of new shoes, bicycle trousers and a new small pillow for journeys. The old pillow started to smell, so I tried to wash it. It smelled even worse afterwards. So I washed it again. Afterwards, it leaked some strange brown liquid and stank as if it had been placed in a romm filled with cigarette smoke for twenty years. Given the age of the pillow, it actually might have been. So I cut it open, and apart of lots of half-rotten chicken (!) feathers it had about 20% hay in it... No wonder it started to disintegrate. I therefor trashed it and bought a new one.