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A Night At The Opera


My parents, my sister and I went to the opera house of Osnabrück yesterday and watched Giaccomo Puccini's opera Turandot. It was an highly entertaining performance with excellent singers and orchestra. Especially Ricardo Tamura (Calaf) and Iordanka Derilova (Turandot), who are not only very expressive singers and convincing actors, they can also sing at a volume that brings down the walls of the theatre, while still maintaining perfect modulation... Truely amazing. The choir was almost equally impressive. It used to be only average in the past, but this time I was listening mouth agape. There is only one word to describe their performance: perfect. Of course, everyone else was also very good, a great team on stage.

The staging was a bit unusual, with the orchestra placed on the stage instead of the orchestra pit, which resulted in a perfect sound experience. The sound of the hall is quite good to begin with, but this made it perfect. They had some quite humorous props as well. In act 2, where Ping, Pang and Pong (sic!) long to be at home, one of them puts on high heels, the other one hugs a flower pot and the third -- plays with an inflatable dolphin...

Oh, and they also have stage ninjas. Well, sort of. :-)


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