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New music on the shelf (7)

My latest purchases, each highly recommended:

In Concert: Mono

Most people these days call it Post Rock, but when I was young, we called it Kraut Rock. Or perhaps Progressive Rock. And besides, the music of the Japanese band Mono recently has evolved beyond this.

New music on the shelf (6)

After a long time, here's a selection of what I purchased recently:

And on top of it... excellent concert by Anne Clark. Wow, what an experience! Even the compulsory chain-smoker on one side and the drunk old-time fans who never even remotely grasped the meaning of the lyrics on the other couldn't destroy the atmosphere.

Bardentreffen 2008

Another year, another Bardentreffen in Nürnberg. It was last weekend, to be exact. lynard_ and doco stayed at my place, reasha and her boyfriend came from Bayreuth to join us on Friday night. The festival was even more crowded than ever and I had several loud arguments with idiots that were squeezing themselves between us with raw force.

The goodness continues...

I just came back from a concert of the a cappella band Wise Guys. What a band, what an audience, what a concert! Many songs from the current album, some new for the next album and some old ones, and a performance getting better with each concert. This was the second best concert of the year so far — sorry guys, you cannot top the Fauna Project concert, even though you come damn close... (That's meant as a compliment!)

RIP Lee Hazlewood

Lee Hazlewood dies, aged 78. May he always have enough summer wine, his silver spurs and a dollar and a dime wherever he is now. And only velvet mornings.

Bardentreffen, Day 3

And the bands of the last day: