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Bardentreffen, Day 3


And the bands of the last day:

Irronymus Bock, nice folk music, however bag pipes and rain don't mix very well. So we went to see:

Vincanto, an Italian folk band. Very entertaining, they got the audience dancing, which is quite hard to achieve in Nürnberg...

Mike Brosnan, a folk-rock singer from New Zealand, together with Gerd Vogel. Highly recommended show, I even bought a CD.

Richard Thompson, head of Fairport Convention and amazing guitar player. Didn't sell any CDs, unfortunately.

The Beez, comedy pop cover band from Berlin. Great show, very funny and excellent voices. Queue too long to get a CD.

Eliades Ochoa and band. I'm not exactly a fan of Salsa music. However, Ochoa has a strong presence on stage and the band is really good. Would like to see him again.

Dinner at Greco, the Italian restaurant with the name I cannot memorize. doco is still on the railway tracks as I write this, Lupo joined us shortly after Doco left. Very wet weather today, but bearable and great atmosphere nevertheless. The only annoyances were all the umbrellas and the drunken guy in the audience of the Beez' concert.


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