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My latest purchases, each highly recommended:

Kate Bush — Director's Cut

Released earlier this year, this album by Kate Bush contains new versions of older material. Not exactly a must have album, I only bought the MP3 version myself, and probably a bit disturbing for her hardcore fans. The sound appears to be a bit muffled at first, but the impression changes quickly to rather "earthy". It is quite interesting to listen to these alternative versions of old material. I like some better than the original recordings, for some songs I prefer the old versions. But it is never boring to hear how the artist interprets her own material with a distance of several years.

Kate Bush — 50 Words For Snow

This is her latest concept album. While Kate's previous regular album Aerial was like a summer breathe, 50 Words For Snow is about winter. While the sound again is earthy and warm, the songs give you little shivers. It's like sitting in a drafty cabin in front of the fire with a thick woolen blanket over the shoulders. Oh, and just listen to those wonderful obscure stories she tells!

Fox Amoore — Feel

I cannot recommend the music of Fox Amoore enough. He is a fantastic composer, pianist and arranger. His album Feel, purchased as the download version with bonus material, is his best to date. You can tell the music of Hans Zimmer has a great influence on his compositions, but every time you just start to realize the zimmeresque elements, Fox' songs turn into an entirely different direction. I bet he does that entirely on purpose. Anyway, if you like epic orchestral soundtrack music, you have to purchase this album.

Globus — Break From This World

Talking about epic, the second studio album of Immediate Music's side project Globus is just that. Very powerful, overboarding orchestral rock music with really depressive and bitter lyrics. While the music styles are more diverse than on their first album Epicon, which makes Break From This World a bit more fragmented, it is a concept album about violent conflicts in general and the Arab Spring in particular. A bit of a warning, though: the MP3 download version from Amazon comes without a booklet and thus you'll have to find the lyrics yourself. The physical CD is probably the better choice here.


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