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New music on the shelf (7)

My latest purchases, each highly recommended:

In Concert: Mono

Most people these days call it Post Rock, but when I was young, we called it Kraut Rock. Or perhaps Progressive Rock. And besides, the music of the Japanese band Mono recently has evolved beyond this.

New music on the shelf (6)

After a long time, here's a selection of what I purchased recently:

New music on the shelf (5)

Two new CDs this month:

New music on the shelf (4)

And now for the second batch:

New music on the shelf (3)

I bought several CDs recently:

More new music on the shelf

Two albums I bought today, and one I forgot to write about:

Music Downloads, yay!

As Andreas of Spreeblick found out and posted to their blog, Gusgus have some of their albums and mixes online for free download. Very diverse stuff, and very interesting. I'll definately order some of their albums in the future.