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New music on the shelf (5)


Two new CDs this month:

Grace Jones — Hurricane

Most people know Grace Jones as a model, diva, style icon, actress and singer. Her new CD, the first album since 1989, shows another of her many talents: that of an excellent lyricist. Musically, it seems to seamlessly continue her older works. No wonder, if you take a look at her band: Sly & Robbie, Trevor Horn, Paul Goude, Brian Eno, Tricky, ... Yet, it sounds surprisingly modern. A wild nice mix of Dance Hall, Trip Hop and many other styles. The prominent bass gives it an almost live atmosphere. At no point the album sounds overproduced. Hurricane is probably Grace Jones best album so far.

Enya — And Winter Came...

Wait a minute? A new Album by Enya after only three years? Yes, indeed: a Christmas album. It has a surprisingly non-kitschy new version of Silent Night. If you always hated the song as much as I do: give this version at least a try. None of the songs on this CD have been released before, however only Trains and Winter Rains and My! My! Time Flies! seem to be all new. The majority of the songs sound like they are from the time she recorded Watermark, which is a bit disappointing in comparison to the previous album. Nevertheless, I like the album, and for me as a fan it is indispensable anyway. If you like her older style, you should buy the album. If you expect development in her style, skip this one.


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