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Bardentreffen, Day One


I met Angus, doco, Lupo, SibSerag and thecrow_ at the Hauptmark tonight and we started by listening to the Amsterdam Klezmer Band. Klezmer-Gabber?! WTF?! Okay, not only that, but also classic Klezmer and Klezmer combined with Hiphop, House and Raggae elements. Basically, a Klezmer band plus the two DJs Cmon & Kypski. Weird but very good mix.

The second concert was by Alan Stivell and band. I expected celtic harp music, and in fact that's what he played, among various other songs: pop, rock, world music, some techno elements, some rock elements. Even though I never had heard the name Stivell before, I knew half of the songs. Some were covered by other artists, some I never knew who actually wrote and played them. A great musician and performer. I think I'm going to order some of his albums.


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