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Roadtrip 2008, Day 18 and 19


On the final day on the road we went to a mall North of Sacramento and finally found some jeans in the right sizes at Sears. However, we weren't able to get out of the parking space with the RV and had to wait two hours for the owner of the car in the spot left from us.

We then drove to Livermore to the Del Valle campground and spent the rest of the day packing. The campground is very nicely located in a small valley near the Del Valle lake, with lots of birds singing and frogs croaking. No hookups, no warm showers, but a very lovely campground which unfortunately wasn't built with large rigs in mind.

I finally got to make a campfire while my parents where packing. What would be camping without a campfire? Eventually, I got to get packing my things and got in trouble. Despite the new and larger second bag, not everything fit in. Luckily, my parents had a little bit of space left.

We were running low on propane, so my parents decided to turn off the heating for the night, being afraid to be without warm water in the morning. We froze our arse off that night. In the morning we packed the final few items ("how on earth will that fit into our bags?!") and my mother frantically cleaned the RV, being afraid that we'll miss our flight. Of course, everything went smoothly and we are on the plane to Frankfurt while I'm typing this.


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