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Visitors and other things that happened last week...

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Last week, I had doco and imperial_wolf staying at my apartment for two nights. They were travelling Germany by train for a week and visited the Railway Museum Nuremberg.

On Thursday, two colleagues threw their good-bye party with Leberkäs and Weißwurst. We will miss them and their expertise.

During the week I tried to find a replacement rechargeable battery for my XClef HD-800 harddisk MP3 player. Unfortunately, it can't be purchased anyway. I paid EUR 180 for the player two years ago, dammit. This was the last time I bought something with a built-in battery. I'll use an el-cheapo 1 GB flash player in the future. It runs on a single AAA battery for hours.

My neighbour next door is gone. The rumours in the house say he is broke and accepted an eviction notice. WTF? He had more than 6 months to sort things out and get welfare to at least be able to keep a roof over his head. I don't understand why some people do not even ask for help. He just packed a couple of things, left most of his stuff in the apartment and wasn't seen ever since...

Finally, welcome to LiveJournal, kralle_lion and carterfox! Have fun!

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hm.. if you havn't thrown it away, you might take a look at

i found a replacement accumulator for my small palm

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