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Back from Paris


Very nice about last weekend: everything! The food! OMG, the food! It was so fantastic! Paris: great atmosphere, a very unique place. The festival: excellent! We had a lot of fun, and so had all the other exhibitors. Met quite some cool people there. And everything was perfectly organized. Also very nice: the large mall near Euro Disney. It puts any American (let alone German) mall to shame. The comic book store was extremely nice, though I didn't buy anything: I would not have been able to stop spending money once I started. And I don't have space for figurines anyway. Oh, and did I mention the food?

Not so nice: to depart one hour too late, spend to much time in the mall and had not taken the detour of one hour to get to the mall into account. Which means that we were way too late for me to catch the last reasonable train connection from Cologne to Nuremberg. So I had to rent a car in Düsseldorf at the airport and drive five hours to Nuremberg. They gave me a Smart FourTwo. Yes, it is a cute car and as it was raining all the way I couldn't drive faster than 120 km/h anyway. Oh wait, it did not rain all the way. When it didn't rain, it snowed. But I cannot sit properly in the seats, the car was poorly motorized, the automatic transmission takes much too long to switch gears, the whole handling is weird... Definitely not a car for me. And it was much too expensive for the quality. German car rental companies are even more greedy than American ones. I would expect at least a properly motorized vehicle for EUR 78 (and that is with 20% rebate already.)

However, I arrived safely in Nuremberg and fell into the bed at half past three. Only to get up at seven again, to meet my appointment with the doctor. I'm dead tired at work now.

But one thing is for sure: I'll definitely visit Paris again.


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