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Tracks Festival, Day 3


Yesterday was the final day of the Tracks festival. We had our presentation on stage (Timduru doing Stepmania, presentation of fursuits, a photoshooting with visitors), which was well received, especially the photoshooting. The place was even more crowded than Saturday. I heard the number of 3700 visitors in total, but I'm a bit sceptic about that. Maybe they also counted the visitors of the Saturday night concert.

Many, many thanks for those who made this possible: the program33 crew (especially Élise and Alice), agnes b., Arte, the GEZ, the Eurofurence staff (BigBlueFox, Cheetah, Nightfox, Tani, Tioh) and of course Timduru, Yakeo, AOI Kitsune and Deoloup. Great job, everybody!

Comments 16 years, 2 months ago

It was so nice to met you and to been there with you all!
Thanks for all o'wolf!
Take care

-- Deoloup

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Will this be shown on arte tracks sometimes?

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Yes, projected broadcast is March, 2008.

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