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Back home, and random thoughts


I came home on Sunday afternoon, unpacked my luggage and already washed most of my clothes. Going back to work on Monday was easier than expected, but I still have to catch up on a lot of things. The vacation was great, we had a lot of fun and were able to see quite a lot of things in relatively short time. Almost no unplanned expenses for me, either. I wish we had spent more time in San Francisco itself instead of going shopping so many times, though.

Some random thoughts on the trip that didn't make it to the daily reports:

  • Californians were concerned about the drought last year, now scared shitlessly.
  • Mirror Lake doesn't and barely is.
  • Turn signal tells driver on other lane to accelerate until he is next to you, apparently.
  • Reducing service and selection in a recession is not a way to survive for a business.
  • Decreasing the built quality of a car even further will not rescue American car makers, either.
  • Credit card transaction fees at gas stations, WTF?!
  • How exactly do snow chains help on pure ice?
  • Levis jeans 50% more expensive, unless you buy two at Sears.
  • Hotel WLANs now completely broken. All of them.
  • Related: Nomadix, rot in hell. And take your broken product with you.
  • Less chlorine in tap water.
  • Surprisingly good coffee in some hotels.
  • Rudely commanded to come back in an hour by customer service agent at the gate before even able to ask something.
  • Complaining loudly in German about the rotten service in hearing range of said agent earned us re-seating to the front cabin row and boarding zone 1 on the intercontinental flight an hour later.
  • Karma also earned us a 15 minute roller coaster ride, though.
  • Dreaded SSSS on boarding pass for all four of us at SFO.

Comments 11 years, 7 months ago

Why is 'SSSS' so dreaded? I'm at a loss to see any difference in my treatment when I get it. I got it the year before last and I was petrified because I thought it meant I was going to be interned for a week of hard questioning by the DHS. Thereafter nobody looked at it or paid me any apparent extra attention, except for a very polite young man who gave me an exceptionally (and I do mean exceptionally) thorough pat-down of my rump while being relatively blasé about the rest of me. (It only now occurs to me to wonder if he was really an airport employee.) These days my reaction to the SSSS is more like, "Oh, damn, where did I leave my Heathen City?"

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Heh, I got my only "SSSS" so far exactly on my flight leaving FC, too. Maybe it's FC-related?

And they swiped and gas-chromatothingabobbyd the stuff from the Art Auction/Dealers Den as well ... luckily without opening the package ...

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