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California 2009: Rolling Home


Free and working wireless at Charlotte airport! However, I'm sure as hell not going to let anyone steal my cookie, thus: this is also pre-written...

We got up real early this morning, checked out of the hotel and brought back the rental car. The first flight was a domestic one, thus no seat reservation at check-in and a rude customer service agent who told me to go away and wait for an hour for another agent. After an hour, the same guy came back with an apprentice, and of course it was too late to change the seats for the flight to Charlotte. But at least we got the same row for the intercontinental flight. The flight to CLT was nice, fortunately.

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steal your cookie?

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The HTTP cookie with the login token for this LifeJournal. ;-) Luckily, it does not contain any sensitive data itself, but some prankster messing with my LJ would be quite a nuisance.

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