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Beware of cheap chocolate


As Lindt significantly increased the price for its 85% cocoa chocolate. Sorry, more than two Euros for a bar of industrially made chocolate is ridiculous. While the price of the 70% cocoa chocolate did not increase, it taste apparently changed. Thus, I'm trying other chocolates now. The first attempt was a bar of GEPA fair trade bitter chocolate. Not bad, should have been conched a bit longer, though. However, I absolutely hate the taste of cane sugar in chocolate. Actually, I hate the taste of cane sugar in almost everything except rum.

Next attempt: Kuapa 72%, I believe a Kaufland brand, manufacturer is Zahor, a company from Spain. The list of ingredients should have been a warning. I do expect cocoa, sugar and cocoa butter, of course, so yes: this is chocolate. However, reduced fat cocoa? Rapeseed lecithin? Unspecified "flavour"? This chocolate is far too sweet and has a nasty artificial vanilla taste.

Currently, not part of the competition, as it was a gift from my parents: Chocolata Confiserie Premium Herren Edelbitter (85%). Very tasty. Unfortunately, almost certainly more expensive than Lindt, and I don't come to Braunschweig very often.

Next on the list: Sarotti No. 1 85% cocoa. I've never been a fan of Stollwerck chocolates, but maybe it's time to give it a try again. It's surprisingly okay-ish. Not an epiphany of taste, slightly too bitter perhaps, but much better than I remembered. Includes soy lecithin and unspecified "flavour", but it does not have that awful artificial vanilla taste of the Kuapa/Zahor chocolate. Not bad at all for the price.

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You might give a try to J.D. Gross chocolate availabe at Lidl for ~1 EUR/125g.
I like the 70% Ecuador variety a lot.

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Oh, yes, that one is great for the price. One of my favourites currently. Also okay, but not quite as good, is the Aldi "Moser-Roth" brand.

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At home we tried a blind taste-test of Real Quality 70% against Lindt Excellence 70% (if I've got the names right). Our unanimous conclusion was that the Real stuff was basically just as good—less refined in texture (conching again, I guess) but more immediate and satisfying in flavour.

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I seldom shop at Real, mostly because it's quite remote from here. Thanks for the hint, I'll try it next time I have something to purchase there.

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Have you tried other swiss brands, per chance?

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It's been a while, and real Swiss chocolate usually is in the price range of food reserved for special occasions... ;-)

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Have a look at the Lidl chcolates as well. Arriba Superieur 81% for example :)

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That one's also very nice, indeed. I guess I'll have to add Lidl to my weekend shopping tours.

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I very much enjoy Callebaut 70% bittersweet - enough that I worked my way through two 5kg blocks of it over a few years. Was a bit tricky to bite into or chop up a 3cm thick block, though, so you might prefer to buy the callet version instead. (Ironically I only broke a tooth after I stopped eating it. :-)

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