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Beware of cheap chocolate

As Lindt significantly increased the price for its 85% cocoa chocolate. Sorry, more than two Euros for a bar of industrially made chocolate is ridiculous. While the price of the 70% cocoa chocolate did not increase, it taste apparently changed. Thus, I'm trying other chocolates now. The first attempt was a bar of GEPA fair trade bitter chocolate. Not bad, should have been conched a bit longer, though. However, I absolutely hate the taste of cane sugar in chocolate. Actually, I hate the taste of cane sugar in almost everything except rum.


Happiness is a warm flat, and…

Further Confusion, Day 2

Not so many fursuits outside official events this year, but maybe I was at the lobby at the wrong times. I watched the A Puppet Is Born SIG by the pawpet crew, went to another SIG where the panelist didn't show up (at least not within the 15 minutes I waited) and finally watched Alexander James Adam's concert. The sound was nearly perfect, Alec in excellent mood and his performance simply awesome.

Holla die Waldfee!

The jalapeños at the local Subway here in downtown Pittsburgh are so hot I have to stay way from the sprinkler head with my breath for the next two hours!