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Hotel reservation fun...

I just pulled the hotel reservation confirmation for FC 2010 out of my spam folder. Spam Assassin says:

Many teenagers cannot hear it...

...but I can.

Dear Public German Television,

what's the big idea programming Howl's Moving Castle at 00:50 CET?!

19 Jahre nach der Wende...

...und nichts kapiert. Man könnte den Beitrag des NDR-Magazins Zapp als Provinz-Posse abtun, aber nach meinen Erfahrungen ist das symptomatisch für weite Teile des Ostens. Der stellvertrender Bürgermeister, der journalistische Betätigung im öffentlichen Raum für genehmigungspflichtig hält. Sein Auftritt in einer Oberlehrerhaftigkeit, wie sie mir schon öfters bei der Obrigkeit (oder wer sich auch nur dafür hält) im Osten unangenehm aufgefallen ist. Als hätte es die Wende nie gegeben.

The e1000 driver is broken!

That's what the customer said last Friday. The Linux driver for the Intel e1000 card doesn't work on their hardware. No syslog messages, though. And it's urgent! Their setup should go live in a week! O-kay. Personally, I didn't think it was the driver. Sounds more like a hardware issue. Does the switch show hardware link? What, they have an Ethernet bonding configuration in a high availability setup? Turn that off first. So they told us that they had turned off HA and Ethernet bonding, but still it doesn't work. But what do they mean by "does not work"? They told us that the switch wasn't accessible, in a different location or so. How about getting some cheap Longshine switch and try it, just to see if there is Ethernet link beat.

One reason why I moved away from OX5

I don't understand much about SQL, but even I know it's not supposed to be done like this...

CREATE TABLE prg_knowledge (
creating_date timestamp with time zone,
created_from text,
changing_date timestamp with time zone,
changed_from text,
user_right text,
group_right text,
sid text,
tid text,
order_crit text,
timestampfield01 timestamp with time zone,
timestampfield02 timestamp with time zone,
intfield01 integer,
intfield02 integer,
intfield03 integer,
intfield04 integer,
intfield05 integer,
intfield06 integer,
field01 text,
field02 text,
field03 text,
field04 text,
field05 text,
field06 text,
field07 text,
field08 text,
field09 text,
field10 text

And that's just one of numerous tables where all of the relevant information (including the relations to other tables) is stored in intfield* and field*. Granted, OX6 has fewer tables like this. But it doesn't work for me. And there is no migration tool from the old open-xchange version to OX6, thus I would have had to do what I had done today anyway: getting data from the old database and convert it to something that can be imported by the new system. At least the data base schema of Horde is much better than the OX one.

More breakage...

I drove to the data center yesterday. The machine didn't even shutdown. All fans running, memory okay...Okay, no hardware issue after all. In fact, it was a broken maintenance script which was supposed to set up the chroot environment for postfix. Instead, it copied everything to the root directory and changed the permission of /tmp to 755 and ownership to user "postfix". Thus, a couple of processes just crashed. At least the machine continued to process incoming e-mail. Well, almost exclusively.

Wearing a Transformers T-shirt considered offensive at Heathrow?

If the story that supposedly happened to Brad Jayakody is true, and according to a spokesman of Heathrow Airport it well could be, then there is another good reason for not flying via Heathrow. I'd rather even fly via Paris CDG.