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May wrap-up

With the vacation video being finished I finally have time for other things again. Like writing a summary of the last couple of weeks.

Mephit Mini Con was quite nice again. I filmed a lot to get familiar with the new video camera. Five hours of footage, I'm just glad that bigbluefox is editing it, not me. The widescreen format takes some extra time to get used to.

Home office today

We've been suffering a total power outage today. Fortunately, the vital parts of our infrastructure are located elsewhere and built with redundancy, thus I was able to work from home. But this incident shows that redundancy doesn't mean that one's completely safe. We have two independent power lines at that building, apparently both broke.

Did you?

The e1000 driver is broken!

That's what the customer said last Friday. The Linux driver for the Intel e1000 card doesn't work on their hardware. No syslog messages, though. And it's urgent! Their setup should go live in a week! O-kay. Personally, I didn't think it was the driver. Sounds more like a hardware issue. Does the switch show hardware link? What, they have an Ethernet bonding configuration in a high availability setup? Turn that off first. So they told us that they had turned off HA and Ethernet bonding, but still it doesn't work. But what do they mean by "does not work"? They told us that the switch wasn't accessible, in a different location or so. How about getting some cheap Longshine switch and try it, just to see if there is Ethernet link beat.

Two days...

...until the start of one week of Christmas vacation. And our customers are opening calls like crazy with the most peculiar questions.