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May wrap-up


With the vacation video being finished I finally have time for other things again. Like writing a summary of the last couple of weeks.

Mephit Mini Con was quite nice again. I filmed a lot to get familiar with the new video camera. Five hours of footage, I'm just glad that bigbluefox is editing it, not me. The widescreen format takes some extra time to get used to.

Photo by BigBlueFox

What I was missing were the cosy nights at the fire place. It rained on Friday, the whole place was damp. Worse, the firewood was more suitable for an oven than for an open fire. It created heat, it glowed, but it only burned when blown at with a hairdryer. The Big Blue Dance was fun as always, though the attendance was a bit low. Maybe because half of the usual party crowd wasn't able to get a ticket to MMC.

Talking about videotaping, the old camera died just in time directly after I purchased the new one.

The cleaning lady in the office destroyed my headphones with the vacuum cleaner. Granted, those headphones were not expensive, and accidents do happen. However, I would have preferred if she had left me a note with an explanation. She apologized the day later, and I already purchased a new pair. But still...

Along with the new (cheap) headphones for the office I ordered a pair of beyerdynamic DT 660 for home. My DT 431 needs new pads, but I'd have to pay the same amount for them as I paid for the phones years ago. The cable was getting very short, too, as I had to replace the plug numerous times. Time to retire them.

The DT 660 arrived today, and my first impression was ohr-gastisch (ear-gasmic). The second impression still is. Wow, just amazing.


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