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The old PowerBook

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After six years of operation, the battery of my 15" PowerBook G4 died. Admittedly, this is an amazing lifespan for a lithium rechargeable battery, but I think I'm not going to replace it. The only (non-Apple) battery packs I'd trust to not set my flat on fire start at 96 Euros. The wireless card started acting up recently, the hardware clock battery has been empty for two years (a non-standard type, soldered to a PCB, which itself is glued to the frame) and to be honest, six years are quite a lifetime for a laptop computer. My netbook, worth 10% the price I paid for the PowerBook, is faster than it. I'll retire the laptop to operate as an Internet terminal while I'm editing videos. For the rest of the year the netbook will be my travel companion even for trips where I'd rather carry a large laptop.

It's a pity: the PowerBook's TFT display is still the best I ever had.

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I have been looking around for a new laptop here - mainly to have a game/net machine in the living room, but as i saw the prices for some who are able to display some of the more modern graphics (dx9+) i decided, to stay with my old one

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