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My flat isn't that large...

...but how do I always end up searching for hours and hours?

Weekend :-)

Many thanks to Lynard and TaniDaReal for inviting everyone to their birthday party. I had a blast!

Heating fixed, at last.

The plumber just fixed the the heater. The pump was broken (mysteriously directly after the yearly maintenance) and it had to be replaced. It'll take an hour or so to get warm and cosy in here again, though.

Home office today

We've been suffering a total power outage today. Fortunately, the vital parts of our infrastructure are located elsewhere and built with redundancy, thus I was able to work from home. But this incident shows that redundancy doesn't mean that one's completely safe. We have two independent power lines at that building, apparently both broke.

I had to take the tram today... the back wheel of my bicycle was flat again. The valve of the new tube wasn't fitted correctly and leaks quite an amount of air. Luckily, I had a spare tube. I hope this one will last longer than just a fews days.


I fixed my bicycle anyway. It was a snake bite kind of hole in the tube, even though the pressure was okay. Well, before the tube popped, of course. However, the tube was quite old and most of the plasticiser was gone. And three centimeters between the asphalt and the tram tracks isn't good for tyres, rims and tubes. The city should fix the street at last.


I just heard a silent "pop!" and next thing I knew was that I had a flat tyre. The tube just blew up. I was already on the way to the bicycle shop, but still one mile away. Originally, all I wanted to buy were some new brake pads and look for a new front lamp. Now I have two new tubes, a new tyre, a pair of rim tapes, the brake pads, a new mount for the existing lamp, and not enough time to fit it all this weekend.


It is a great idea to lift a speed limit for a wet lane -- and have water filled lane grooves 500 meters afterwards that are so deep that I almost lost control of my car.