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It is a great idea to lift a speed limit for a wet lane -- and have water filled lane grooves 500 meters afterwards that are so deep that I almost lost control of my car.

Also, when I arrived in Nuremberg there wasn't any free parking spot within 500 meters of my home.

And it is still raining cats and dogs.

I also didn't close the thermos flask with my coffee correctly.

And I really appreciate to come home and discover that my DSL is broken.

What a great way to start a week.

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Been there, done that, got the phonecall :)

Congratulations you're now officially a sysadmin.

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You reassure me that, however I may have misbehaved and upset myself this evening, someone's week has apparently started worse. I'm glad you didn't wipe out on the bad road, though. *nose*

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As Garfield says 'I hate mondays'

I started my week with a sore throat, some sort of fever and since today i have to take some additional medicine :\
(At least i hope i lost some weight during the last few days - hopefully as i couldnt eat much for since sunday)

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