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Dear Tomtom,

your navigation systems are built on Linux. TomTom Home 2.x reportedly is built on xul-runner (also free software.) Yet, the only way to get the new maps from your web shop is by downloading them with TomTom Home 2.x, which itself is non-free and only available for Windows. Not for Mac OS, let alone Linux. You don't even let me download the software from your website with Firefox running on Linux. crap

Can someone enlighten me what the benefit of this bullshit is supposed to be? I just see problems with it. It is against the concept of links, annoying as hell, creates a data trail with my personal data at (which could be used to blackmail, tells them practically my whole friends list, tells them which friend entries I actually read), might be abused for cookie-stealing, cross-site-scripting and the like, fakes page impressions at the target sites, etc, pp.

Goodbye LaTeX

So most Linux distributions are moving to texlive for their LaTeX package. Unfortunately, some widely used styles aren't included anymore and replaced by others. For example, the fancyheadings style was replaced by fancyhdr. To whoever is responsible for that:ARE YOU COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR MIND?! I have to adjust some hundred documents now, the new style gives different results and has a non-intuitive, hackish abbreviated name. Worse, nobody will be able to translate old LaTeX sources shortly without a huge amount of work if the macro packages keep on changing. The whole point of TeX and LaTeX was stability, now its going down the drain like all other text formatting, type setting or office document formats. Thank you morons for your continuous work on destroying the literary heritage of the last 50 years.

Please Mr Postman...

...look and see, if there's a letter for me... and put it into my f*cking mailbox, dammit.


It is a great idea to lift a speed limit for a wet lane -- and have water filled lane grooves 500 meters afterwards that are so deep that I almost lost control of my car.

F$%@&ing US aviation

I'm sitting here in an (moderately) overpriced hotel in Denver instead of the Novell condo in Provo. Didn't catch my connection, United at least booked me to the first flight tomorrow but refuses to pay for the room or even to help me to find one. They told me to complain to Lufthansa. Lufthansa apparently does not have any bureau at Denver, just ticketing, which closes at 5 PM. Anyway, I'm going to apply a high-quality LART to the travel agency -- they should know that 90 Minutes to switch flights isn't enough in Denver -- as the baggage crew is incredibly slow and the TSA thought that three counters are enough for approximately one thousand people (the number is not exaggerated.)

Furniture Removers

I do understand perfectly well that my landlord wants to put the apartment next to mine up for rent again as fast as possible. And I can also relate to his decission to quickly order movers who would remove the furniture and other belongings my ex-neighbour has left behind.

ISDN / VoIP solution?

After reading that AVM is dropping their Linux support for passive ISDN cards I was looking for a long-term replacement of my current fax and voice mail solution.