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Weekend :-)

Many thanks to Lynard and TaniDaReal for inviting everyone to their birthday party. I had a blast!

New Year's Eve Party

The new year's eve party in Suhl was great! I even managed to make a picture of Günther, a strange guy showing up at the party:

New year's eve / day party at Königreich Kettwig

Thanks, nachtfuchs and Jaryic for the great party, kralle_lion for cooking and the bar crew for the drinks! I had a blast, met lots of great people again and arrived home safely at 1 AM this morning after a detour via loewi's place, KFC and Bayreuth... Loewi's coffee is indeed excellent, and the stop at KFC was an excellent way to get in mood for the US roadtrip -- starting this Friday. Which reminds me that I rather should start packing instead of posting to LJ :-)