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I just heard a silent "pop!" and next thing I knew was that I had a flat tyre. The tube just blew up. I was already on the way to the bicycle shop, but still one mile away. Originally, all I wanted to buy were some new brake pads and look for a new front lamp. Now I have two new tubes, a new tyre, a pair of rim tapes, the brake pads, a new mount for the existing lamp, and not enough time to fit it all this weekend.

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Ah, that's the way it goes ... Good thing it wasn't the car. :)

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Du kannst einen leisen ' Knall ' hören?

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When he crossed the tram tracks, he heard a pop. Not a normal pop, not a lound one. Certainly not a bang. It was more like a small, an outright silent pop which caught his attention. Small enough to almost forget it, like an elusive thought, when his bicycle startet to rattle. Yes, indeed, he had a flat tyre.


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