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Many teenagers cannot hear it...


...but I can.

Train Horns

Created by Train Horns

WARNING: turn down the volume if you try it, if you can hear it it is terribly loud.

(via Loriana)

Comments 11 years, 1 month ago

Nice warning there ;)

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Wait a minute, they're using a sound at 15 KHz to deter young people from malls?

Well, if they only want 80 year olds, ok...

I wouldn't stay in that mall for more than a minute, and I'm 36. Their loss.

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I'm seeing a lot of green rectangles on my Friends page. Either they've pitched their test too low, or furries really do have dog hearing.

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Actually, it's really just 15 kHz, as Jumpy mentions. Most people younger than 50 (unless they've been to one rave too many, or working a jack hammer each day) can hear it.

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Well, i think it is so - i tried it on my laptop and i couldn't hear anything - until i pushed the volume of the track (downloaded the mp3) to +3db - yikes! Thats just as worse as the anti marten sounds you have sometimes at a car.

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