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California Vacation 2011 - Day 8 - 11: Further Confusion

The year's Further Confusion was a pleasant surprise after last year. Granted, I didn't expect anything at all this time — too many regulars were not able to attend, mostly those who were important contributors to FC's unique atmosphere. They were dearly missed, indeed. I heard several voices blaming the Fairmont for lack of atmosphere, but it's the guests that make a convention, not the hotel. In fact I only had few issues with the hotel, mostly with the slow bar service, which on Sunday ignored us completely. The majority of the hotel staff was very lovely, at least to us. But even with many of our friends missing, something was back: the FC spirit. A bit weak, but definitely there.

Winter Vacation

Of course, we'll again be at

Hotel reservation fun...

I just pulled the hotel reservation confirmation for FC 2010 out of my spam folder. Spam Assassin says:

California 2009: Shopping spree, again

2009-01-21: Shopping