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Further Confusion, Day 2

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Not so many fursuits outside official events this year, but maybe I was at the lobby at the wrong times. I watched the A Puppet Is Born SIG by the pawpet crew, went to another SIG where the panelist didn't show up (at least not within the 15 minutes I waited) and finally watched Alexander James Adam's concert. The sound was nearly perfect, Alec in excellent mood and his performance simply awesome.

I bought his two latest CDs in the dealers room later. Tonight, my parents and I went to Hunan Taste, a small but excellent Chinese restaurant. I think Aeto originally recommended it to Furvan and Tioh and they recommended it to us. Thanks, folks!

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Looks like it is going to be a (not so) secret tip - i can recommend the spicy King Prawns.... very yummy and not that much hot (Lionel awards the golden Paw for this little restaurant, too)

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