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Califorina Vacation 2011 - Day 13: Exploratorium


It's been a couple of years since I visited the Exploratorium, and Kayjay and Lynard didn't know it at all, so this is where we spent the day. Furvan went shopping on his own, though. Lucky for him he doesn't know what he was missing. There are some similar museums around the world based on the same didactic concept, but the Exploratorium is still the best in my opinion. Countless physical experiments to try yourself, well constructed and explained. We entered at half past ten in the morning and got thrown out after only twenty minutes — when they were closing at five in the afternoon. I believe that's one of the few experiments without a proper description: the difference between your sense of time and the actual time spent at the museum.

We picked up Furvan at Fisherman's Wharf afterwards and spent an hour at Marina Green, observing the most beautiful moonrise over the bay. And finally we drove to Berkeley where we met Morani and Shimaron for dinner at the T-Rex grill in Berkeley. Excellent food, excellent beer and an excellent chat with the two. Thanks for the dinner!


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