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Roadtrip 2012: Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, Part 6

And this is the final part of my vacation report.

Thursday, 2012-10-11: Shopping Again, and CA-1

I didn't know Eureka had a large mall, even one with some independent stores, and the only I've ever seen with a Walmart as an anchor store. Mendra was looking for a game store, which apparently has moved, I actually found two CDs and a BD at f.y.e., and we almost had to use physical force to get Zefiro out of the store selling old arcade game machines. We drove downtown for a toy store, while the dragons were looking for a game console and dragon plushies I had the pleasure to have an excellent burger and shake at Fresh Freeze, a former drive-in restaurant on F Street, corner Harris Street.

California Vacation 2011 - Day 14: Pacific Coast

Still catching up on vacation reports. This entry is about Friday, January 21st.

California Vacation 2011 - Day 14: Cartoon Museum

Still catching up on vacation reports. This entry is about Thursday, January 20th.

Califorina Vacation 2011 - Day 13: Exploratorium

It's been a couple of years since I visited the Exploratorium, and Kayjay and Lynard didn't know it at all, so this is where we spent the day. Furvan went shopping on his own, though. Lucky for him he doesn't know what he was missing. There are some similar museums around the world based on the same didactic concept, but the Exploratorium is still the best in my opinion. Countless physical experiments to try yourself, well constructed and explained. We entered at half past ten in the morning and got thrown out after only twenty minutes — when they were closing at five in the afternoon. I believe that's one of the few experiments without a proper description: the difference between your sense of time and the actual time spent at the museum.

California 2009: San Francisco Shopping Spree

In the morning, F_u_r_v_a_n tried to find a certain Toys'R'Us, but we only found a different one. He still got the Nerf gun he was looking for, though.

California 2009: San Franciscan Parks

The weather was excellent, so we went to the zoo and took lots of photographs. The meerkats were in a playful mood, the tiger and lions less so, but I had a chance to play a bit with the telezoom lens on the birds.

California 2009: Flight and Arrival

After starting early with a Lufthansa Regional flight from Nuremberg to Frankfurt, I met f_u_r_v_a_n, KayJay and Lynard_ in Frankfurt. The US-Airways flight to Philadelphia with an A330 airbus was very calm and nice. Unfortunately, there was no entertainment program during the connection flight from PHL to San Francisco and we even had to pay for water during the five hour domestic flight, but the staff was friendly and competent. We even arrived half an hour early.

San Francisco, Day 3

We drove up to Twin Peaks today. Quite foggy (the radio tower was hidden in clouds,) but still a nice view of San Francisco. Next, we drove to the pacific and through Lincoln park. On the parking lot of a beach we met Lynard, Furvan and who else was with them, watching a towing service pulling an SUV (none of our vehicles, of course) from the beach. An SUV is not suitable for crusing through dunes, you silly townspeople!