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San Francisco, Day 3

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We drove up to Twin Peaks today. Quite foggy (the radio tower was hidden in clouds,) but still a nice view of San Francisco. Next, we drove to the pacific and through Lincoln park. On the parking lot of a beach we met Lynard, Furvan and who else was with them, watching a towing service pulling an SUV (none of our vehicles, of course) from the beach. An SUV is not suitable for crusing through dunes, you silly townspeople!

Afterwards, we went to Pier 39 and I bought three Folkmanis puppets. Brought my loot back to the hotel and met Tani and Nightfox on the way to the cable car. We drove a lot of cable car today, went to the crookedest part of Lombard street and finally got dinner at that Chinese pizza shop next to the spy shop around the corner. Terrible ambiance, excellent pizza. And one hint: anyone who likes Jever beer should try Anchor Steam beer. A surprisingly good American beer.

And now, for a first time, a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge taken by me at lousy weather:

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nice to see this bridge actually exists in different angles and colors as well :)

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